Monthly Archives: January 2012

Meanwhile, in the life of…


I decided after a heated debate session in my head to begin blogging again… I read a blog tonight and this is what went on inside that head of mine ” I miss blogging, where is my blog? What was that site again? When did I last update that? What did I say on there?!? Ok, now what is the site?” Even if I got to the site. There is no chance I would remember my username and password.

Pretty typical Elicia.

So, for now my words and pictures are somewhere out floating amoungst cyber space and here I am with a fresh start and a new year…and WOW, what a year it’s been! First thing first though. Before I get ahead of myself:

I am the happiest I have EVER been.

I am sitting in a room full of what some may call a disorganized area…Mess. Ok fine, Chaos. Whatever you want to call it. I love having a little bit of chaos. How boring would that be if was perfect all the time. OR better yet. Tried to be? I think America needs just a hint more crazy. GOOD crazy. Little crazy. Like having your world tipped upside down.. for the better of course. People in America (pleading the fifth) are way to fast paced. Don’t appreciate life/love and are WAY to independent…

I am a teacher. To twenty one amazing fourth graders.

 This year brings a graduation.

Most importantly: I’m Getting hitched (to the most amazing man in this world!) and a breathtaking honeymoon all in the beautiful Dominican Republic.

I hate when people count calories and are “work out aholics”. That is not what life is about people.

I have lived in England, and the Fijian Islands..and a lot of other places. 

I have learned that life is about love. Loving God, loving people, and love. love. love

I’m getting ahead of myself again. I decided to blog because quite frankly: I am sick of facebook, twitter, and whatever other social media people waste disgusting amounts of time on every single day (me being included!) I am sick of people commenting on my status updates and I am sick of people who constantly update depressing statuses. The world needs more positive and less negative the way it is. Here, I will be able to discuss my thoughts, words, or actions much more freely: when I desire, how I desire, and however much I need. Facebook is limiting. My goal is to write down teaching thoughts, daily thoughts, and just my life as I know it so that I can look back and either A. Print off my ideas and or B. See individual growth as a human being.

God has me here for a distinct purpose and let me tell you I plan on living every single, crazy beautiful, totally twistable minute of this life. Buckle your seat belts. We are in for the ride of a lifetime. Smiles guaranteed.