Days gone by…


Yesterday, we celebrated a wonderful friend’s Bachlorette Party. It was an exciting time, but also remained a bittersweet day because we are in the process of packing up our lives into little boxes (on the hillside little boxes made of ticky tacky) as we transition out of our (WAY nicer than just a college ish) apartment that we have lived in the past two years. With two years comes a LOT of memories folks. Let me tell you from the male issues, to teaching stories, to late( or way to early nights)… I have shared some great memories with these gals. We are excited as we start to plan our future.

I am excited for what lies ahead in careers in teaching and getting married to our best friends. It is though, a rather peculiar feeling to know that I will never live with gals my age again that I am friends with. We are movin up and over to real life. I am ready to see what God has in store for us and where he will take us. I plan on never letting go of these friendships that I have made. God really blessed me and I have leaned on them through thick n thin!

Ready or not world. Look out because here we COME!!!!!

Here’s a peak into our day… Tom and I got a new camera and I am still trying to figure out how my new baby Nikon works 🙂 Bear with me!

About Elicia Shepard

I'm unique just like you. I've learned every person has a story which makes us who we are. One minute I am here..then I am gone. Discovering unknown places and people is an addiction I am proud of and will be an endless journey of mine. Smiling is not a pastime it's what I do. I live for moments that take my breath away. Falling in love is the greatest feeling-and the biggest risk. I thrive off of risks.Challenges. Adrenaline rushes. Making others smile. Art is all around and in ourselves. I love taking an unknown path not knowing where it'll lead. Mystery is beautiful. Compassion, kindness, and love- things I will always strive for. Know what you believe in. Stand up for it. Never be afraid to feel. Time waits for no one.Ever. Children inspire me. God fires me. Happiness is being with those you love.I am really blessed. I think God is love and forgiveness and I think he wants us to be good people and love EVERYONE. Figure out who you are and what that means to you-It's one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself (and you deserve it.) Live frugally on surprise. Breathe. Be who you are. Be an outcast...If you wanna find me I will be where the wind blows...Wherever that may take me.

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