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Loose (ing) Sight of the Shore.


“You can never cross the ocean unless you have courage to loose sight of the shore…”

I came across this quote on pinterest.. It really couldn’t be more fitting. Also, how ironic my last post on this blog titled “Why not you? Why not now? really is! HAHA sometimes I think God is looking down at me and laughing…like “oh my goodness Elicia I told you to trust me and be patient!” Sometimes I complicate it way more then I think he would like. Humans do that. I want to say though our summer was full of happiness, joy, and lots of changes.

Let me start at the beginning though.

Tom and I got married August 3rd in the Dominican Republic. It was God centered and absolutely perfect.  I know I am bias.. but really what else could we have done to make it more beautiful then to be God centered and by an ocean with beautiful people?!?! I honestly have no words and sometimes in life there are no words for what you experience or what you feel. It just “was”…and I am going to let it just “be” what it was without trying to explain in a million words. Did I mention it was AWESOME?!? I wish I had more words to describe it’s beauty. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

All photograph’s done by Hernan Btesh. I wish I could post them all. Here are a few favorites.

The reason why the post prior to this one is ironic… Well you’ll just have to stay tuned to see why and where this story unfolds to. This event though the one we call “wedding” is most important because it leads us to the next turn of events…Well and the fact that I married Tom. Which of course.. if you know that story is a miracle in itself. It was one of the prayers God answered for me. I think he knew I needed Tom and of course that Tom needed me 😉 OR so I like to think! HA.

Here’s to Sunday’s. 

Here’s to “Loosing Sight of the Shore”

Here’s to a new beginning…and a story to be told.

With love,