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More about me…less about you. The American way.


I’d like to start out this post with this disclaimer:I will be the first to admit (my husband will strongly disagree I admit anything) that I have flaws. I have many. I don’t do things right, I mess up, and I am just about as human as human gets when it comes to messing things up. I do it just about everyday.

I have wanted to post this blog for about a week, but haven’t made time to do it. So here I am…finally saying what I have wanted to say. Why does it seem like the American way has become more and more selfish? Why does it seem like the American dream is buying a mansion, having a nice vehicle, and owning anything and everything they can get their hands on? MORE stuff. BETTER stuff.  When did we fall away from the idea of working together as a community and helping others out? Why do we want, want, want and seem to give less of our time and resources to others? It might not just be America in fact I am sure that it isn’t, but I have traveled across the world to live in a village where love was all they needed. Love of family, community, and God. I have never met more Godly people then I did in a village where they had nothing. Why were they astonished to find out that we could live our whole lives not knowing our neighbors on a personal level? Why did this village sacrifice so much of their self for others, but have nothing to give except love?

We live in a really sinful world. We do. We also live in a really beautiful world, but sometimes it seems like I have to look so hard to find what is beautiful and pure in a world that we live in. Even if you are reading this and you don’t believe in God it doesn’t take long to see or hear of all the terrible things happening in our world and sometimes closer to home then we would like. I don’t have the answers to all of these tough questions other then I wonder how it got to be this bad. Tom reminds me we deserve nothing. We are sinful humans. I too, fall into the trap saying well I DESERVE this. I worked HARD for this. No, actually we deserve a life in hell, but because Jesus died on the cross for our sins, we are forgiven. No matter what people or the media try to say. Remind yourself that: we deserve nothing. I think that if we all did there would be more love, more kindness, and less of me..more of him.

Another point I’d like to make tonight is that when you strongly believe in something please don’t attack others for their beliefs. Love. is. the way.Make people feel loved. Listen more, talk less. Ask questions about their life. Have an intellectual conversation and show them you CARE. I have often left conversations thinking…Wow, they talked all about themselves, didn’t ask about me, or felt attacked for what I believed in. I have had to bite my tongue and not say a word.  (For those of you who know me know that is a huge step!)

Again, I’d like to say… I am not perfect. I make mistakes (a lot of them) every single day. What I do know though, is that because of the situations I have been in I have learned to love more, complain less, and listen. You should too 🙂

“Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income… As goods increase, so do those who consume them. And what benefit are they to the owner except to feast his eyes on them?”

Ecclesiastes chapter 5

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you…”

Matthew Chapter 5

Here are some simple things that I have thought were beautiful lately. (I could post a lot more!! and I will!! later though)

Fall, in our yard.Image

ImageMy husband raking in the yard.. (Don’t mind the fact that we got in a fight about raking and how I was not doing a good job helping right after this happy picture was snapped. Yup, I didn’t want to rake I just wanted to take pictures… I told you I wasn’t perfect! I just NEEDED this picture.


Winter is coming. Not that I am excited about that…but I AM excited that it will be our first Christmas together. AND we get to buy a real tree if I can convince Tom to go cut one down with me. He thinks I might be crazy when I said I wanted a sleigh ride out to a field where we can chop and haul or own tree… I can have my cake and eat it too, right?


The fact that I always complain that he doesn’t “love me” enough. Ok, I know he does. Obviously, he married me. Then one day I went into the bathroom and he did this all by himself on the mirror. OK!!! HE LOVES ME!!!! I have proof. So, whenever I get cranky I can go look at this again.

ImageTom doing push-ups with these special kiddos in my life. My sisters are growing up way way way to fast. So here this past weekend I needed to document Tom doing push ups with them on his back because it won’t be long until he can’t do that anymore.. unless he wants to throw out his back. 🙂

There are a lot more very special people in my life.. and over the holidays I plan to snap some pictures of EVERYONE in my family that I can post. 🙂


God first. Others second. Me LAST…