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Belleville, Wisconsin ——> Yeosu, South Korea. 6,580 miles


Last week, Tom and I received confirmation of our city and our teaching placements.

Here is where we will be living:Image

It is a city called Yeosu, South Korea. Yeosu has a population of about 300,000 people and consists of the Yeosu peninsula as well as 317 islands (many of which are uninhabited) ,but some that you can catch a ferry to and experience rural South Korea. It is located about midway along the southern coast of Korea. We are excited for fresh seafood, longer spring and autumn seasons then what we are used to, and mild winters. (MUCH more mild than these darn midwest winters!)…just to name a few!!

You can read more about Yeosu here – in an article I found from the New York Times that I really enjoyed reading!

Tom will be teaching middle schoolers. I will be teaching elementary students. Our schools are 700 meters away from each other. So we will be able to walk/bus/ or take the train together each morning to work!!!

One way tickets are purchased. Our journey will be (from what I have found) about 6,500 miles. We first plan to visit our friend Amy (who was in our wedding!) and is living in South Korea teaching until August before our 10 day orientation (and before we begin teaching!!) 3 weeks and 1 day until departure!!!

My bucket list for the next year:

Learn to eat and ONLY eat with chopsticks- okay fine. AND a spoon for soups.

Climb a mountain (lots of them)

Climb to base camp of Mount Everest with my husband!

Volunteer at an orphanage

Make friends who are locals

Get involved in the community

Immerse myself as fully as I can into the culture- detox and clense of all social media as much as possible (besides blogging when time allows)

Visit coffee shops when working on lesson planning

Travel to Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam

Visit Jeju island in South Korea on a weekend

Try every new food at LEAST once and hopefully much more than just once

Laugh off awkward situations I am positive I will find myself in!

Keep a journal- not just a blog

Drink wine.

Learn how to use the bus system and use it efficiently!!!

Be confident in who I am as a teacher and the person I have become

Keep an open mind. At all times.

Research countries before I visit them to know what is appropriate and what is not before I get there.

Workout consistently- run in races if possible

Eliminate visiting “touristy” places as much as possible- take the road less traveled.

Be a traveler. Not a tourist.

Give credit to others where credit is due

Keep my faith strong- pray and be in the word as much as possible. Find an English speaking church if possible.

Become detached from any earthly thing (ok, besides my computer so I can stay in contact with family) and learn to give away or donate things I own.

Come home with less than what I came with. This means if I brought a lot of clothing- get rid of clothes I had to make room for gifts or things I have acquired.

Try as much as I can to use the Korean Language (even though I don’t know much!)

Breathe in then breathe out-  Remember teaching will have its toughest of days.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Blog- as much as time allows, but never so much that I miss out on experiences.

Continue to be the best wife I possibly can to my husband!

Show others that I care.

Establish relationships that matter.

Don’t view Korea as just a “one year and done” opportunity- Take each day for what it is worth and know that this opportunity is a huge blessing and a dream.

Be a dedicated teacher.

Make lesson plans with purpose.

Remind myself I can do ANYTHING I put my mind to.

Take the time to stop and appreciate the Korean culture and the people.

Celebrate differences in culture.

Explore- and do it often

Visit Elephants in a sanctuary instead of riding them where I can rest assured that they are treated fairly. Be informed of what “riding elephants” entails. Read more about this here

Live…life. Every single day.

Trust God.

As always-Love all. No exceptions.

Why did it take us moving abroad to create this type of bucket list? IF you read this far I encourage you to create your own bucket list wherever you are. Your journey is an important one, and you don’t need to be moving abroad to- make each day count!

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.” – Taking the plunge to move abroad!


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We have taken 10 massive boxes of stuff to goodwill. With plenty more to come.

We have sold almost all of our furniture. AND a car.

We are 28 days away from moving to South Korea to teach.

I am excited to get back to teaching. BUT do you know how liberating it feels to rid ourselves of material STUFF. Just STUFF taking up space. Really, I mean all I need is whatever I can fit in a suitcase. Or on my back, right? Seriously. I miss that and it doesn’t take long to stray from remembering to- be minimal.

Tom is excited to take a stab at teaching (he is a great teacher already!)

We are both excited for this adventure and the vagabond life style. Yup. I said it. Vagabond. While we will have jobs our “home” after getting married we decided was -each other. Where ever that is. After watching lots of documentaries and educating ourselves. Praying. AND of course having discussions on what we want from the time here on Earth that we have together. We will be packing up our suitcases to teach abroad. I am most excited to teach again…and thrilled to travel Korea along with Southeast Asia extensively…and YES, I have already created a bucket list and a list of places I want to travel to. Post to follow on that lata.

I know I will miss my family (especially my little sisters!!!), friends, our church, and the girls I have been lucky to be a nanny to the last 6 months…It is just an adventure we simply can’t pass up. I think I can speak for both of us when we say that we are accepting this adventure with open arms. We are as ready as we will ever be.Tom and I haven’t decided if we will do a blog together specifically for Korea, and our travels …or if we will have separate blogs for our time there. We will of course keep you updated! In the meantime  in the next few weeks I’ll keep you posted on here as we try to pack our house, say goodbyes without crying, and get on a plane to MOVE to Korea. As I repeat in my head over and over “This isn’t insane right?!?!This will be great.”… and I know it will. I just need to not think about how much I will miss everyone around the holidays… and how much I will want to just hug my sisters after a long hard day of teaching while they are thousands of miles away.

My fear of becoming “bound to the wheel” is finally being crushed. We couldn’t be more excited.

Just over a year ago I started this blog and I found it suiting to close with the same thing I closed with when I posted over a year ago.

God has us here for a distinct purpose and let me tell you I plan on living every single, crazy beautiful, totally twistable minute of this life. Buckle your seat belts. We are in for the ride of a lifetime. Smiles guaranteed.”