What we know now (about Korea) that we didn’t know then….


So I have been making a little list in my head of things that we have noticed about Korea and decided I better document them before I forget!!!! We have really only been in Korea 3 days so I am sure we will learn WAY more in the coming months. 🙂

1. It doesn’t seem as if there is a certain side or direction we should walk on the sidewalk as there is in America. Example: When walking down the road/street/ etc we can’t decide if we should walk on the left or the right? People sorta just seem to go whichever way they please. I keep trying to figure it out, left or right?! Right or LEFT? Just when I think I have it down it seems to change.

2. Lots of signs in Seoul were in English. That doesn’t always mean that it makes sense! 

3.The subway system in Seoul is pretty extensive, but seriously…AWESOME.  You can take it anywhere/ everywhere in Seoul and it is super cheap. The stations are listed in Korean and English which was a huge help to us and when they approach your station it is said in Korean and then English. Oh, I can’t forget the cute little ice cream truck melody they play when the train approaches. It is different for each subway train as it approaches! Small map of the subway system…hard to see, but you get the picture.

seoul subway

4. LESS is always best when it comes to luggage. Lighter luggage= lighter soul! Tom and I both can’t wait to get to our city and just RID off all these bags. Our plan is to take one backpack on the weekends when we travel.

5.Tom has to duck while showering. Again, he is a giant. The bathroom floor here is all tile…and for good reason. There is not a specific place for a shower “stall.” Just a shower head attached to the sink that mounts onto the wall and a small drain in the tile for the water to go. Tom says he will be able to pee, brush his teeth, shower, and shave all at once!! Haha and he is pretty much correct. I don’t mind it at all. We have learned you wear flip flops in the bathroom since it gets wet once you shower 🙂

6. We have noticed that the floors are all WARM when the heat is on!!! The heating system seems to be a bit different here where the pipes must be in the floor…either way it is completely awesome. Heated floors all around…all the time in the winter. 

7. Shoes off. No exceptions. We knew this one. BUT really. Shoes stay outside of the living area! Luckily we are both pretty used to this already. Shoes at the hostel: 


8. Seems to be a lot less kiddos in public places then we see in America. This could be because we are out and about during the day a lot and kiddos are in school…but the ones we have seen usually only have 1 or 2 kids in the family. vs the 3 or 4 I feel like is common in the U.S

9. On our hike up the mountain the other day we noticed a lot of older Koreans  I am huffin and puffin and many old men strolled along as if it was nothing!!! THEN, we get half way up the mountain and there is NO LIE… a workout tent. Complete, with free weights and TONS of machines. What is this?!?! I can’t imagine working out and then hiking the other 1/2. The hike was enough for me!!!! 

10. Horns are used excessively. 

Spring is beautiful here! Next, post will be Amy’s town of Jangheung. I will try to do that in a couple of days as we will be out and about. We decided we must get back to Seoul at some point as yesterday was pretty much a travel day  5 hours to the south. Didn’t get a chance to explore more like we wanted to, but figure we have a while to do so 😉 013

About Elicia Shepard

I'm unique just like you. I've learned every person has a story which makes us who we are. One minute I am here..then I am gone. Discovering unknown places and people is an addiction I am proud of and will be an endless journey of mine. Smiling is not a pastime it's what I do. I live for moments that take my breath away. Falling in love is the greatest feeling-and the biggest risk. I thrive off of risks.Challenges. Adrenaline rushes. Making others smile. Art is all around and in ourselves. I love taking an unknown path not knowing where it'll lead. Mystery is beautiful. Compassion, kindness, and love- things I will always strive for. Know what you believe in. Stand up for it. Never be afraid to feel. Time waits for no one.Ever. Children inspire me. God fires me. Happiness is being with those you love.I am really blessed. I think God is love and forgiveness and I think he wants us to be good people and love EVERYONE. Figure out who you are and what that means to you-It's one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself (and you deserve it.) Live frugally on surprise. Breathe. Be who you are. Be an outcast...If you wanna find me I will be where the wind blows...Wherever that may take me.

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  1. I laughed and smiled through this entire post. YES about the walking (never truly figured it out but you do get into some sort of flow with it). and the shoes, and subway, and the bathroom…I can not WAIT to get back!!

    I’m loving seeing Korea through your eyes!!

  2. Hi Elicia,

    Sounds like an adventure already. It is always exciting learning and seeing a new culture. Enjoy your post. Love

  3. Hey Elicia and Tom,
    Happy to see your having such a great time! Traveling is the best. I’m glad your writing about your experiences – it was my greatest regret when I went to Australia. Have fun!!
    Be safe!

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