One year of marriage.


So about a week ago I accidentally hit the “publish” button for this post. In an instant panic I hit the delete button. Cause I am just plain awkward like that. I was working on this post and it was NOT finished. What happened ( I am sure) is that the computer I was working on was slow and I started just clicking buttons out of frustration. I do this a lot (just ask my husband!) I deleted it in hopes that the email hadn’t been sent out to my blog followers that I had updated. Welllllll, it had. AND Tom saw the post which wasn’t supposed to be seen until August 3rd. Our one year anniversary. I am well aware that people don’t “publish” a post to make it public and then delete it, but I did. So there you have it folks. It’s finished now. ANDDDDD I’ll just continue to be that awkward girl over here with her awkward moments. 😉

SO it’s been a year. One year of marriage to my absolute best friend in this entire world.

Tom likes to always tell people “It’s been just COMPLETE BLISS!”

and while many days it really has been. There are days when it isn’t.

I’ve always been real with ya. I’m not going to sugar coat it for you.

Marriage is awesome. It is God’s greatest gift (besides the gift of life) that I have been blessed with, but it takes time, it takes work, and it takes a whole lotta compromise.

Taking a break from a 10 hour day spent exploring/hiking the coast of Jeju Island, South Korea.

Taking a break from a 10 hour day spent exploring/hiking the coast of Jeju Island, South Korea.

I don’t know much about marriage other then what we have experienced the first year of it…but unfortunately I have had people tell me “just wait until you have been married 10-20 years and then I will see what you think.” or things like “Are you sure you want to get married so young?” What I really want to tell them is that marriage can be awesome. I have hope/faith in a marriage built to grow closer to God.

In the past year I have learned that:
We must work together.
I’ve learned that it isn’t “I have to do this” it’s more of “I get to do this.”
I have learned that my husband would much rather feel respect than to feel loved.
I have learned that moving to South Korea has made our marriage stronger.
That when we spend time in the word we are more intentional with how we treat each other.
That I like to talk out my problems (who knew?) and Tom needs space/time.
That I am always right. (Just kidding hunny!)
That every single day I wake up and I must make an intentional choice to be the best wife that I can possibly be for Tom.

…and that when I married Tom I gained a wonderful family, and they are just simply awesome!

nuzzling in for a cuddle.

In a world surrounded by media expectations of marriage I’d like to say there is almost nothing I knew about marriage (that was actually realistically portrayed in the media) before we got married. I did however know that we both wanted to grow closer to God. I knew that it wouldn’t always be easy, but it is definitely worth it.

We dated a year, got engaged, and married 7 months later. There is no other way I would have wanted it. When you know…you know. We also knew that we wanted to spend our life together, taking the same path together, and figuring out life together. In both of our minds we didn’t feel as “one” until we took our vows for a marriage under God. People have asked Tom how he knew I was the “one” and he replies ” A better question to ask is how didn’t I know?” Being together is what made us happy. So one year ago we took the biggest leap of faith together, and said “I do.”

I look forward to the many seasons to come getting to know this incredible man on an even deeper level. I am his biggest fan. I love being his wife.

Gooseberry Falls, MN.

Enjoying a hike near Belleville, WI.


First fall as a married couple raking the yard at our duplex. November 2012.

Dominican honeymoon 🙂

I am so excited to look back in 10 years, and then in 20 years to see how much we have grown as a couple. Do I think it will be easy all of the time? Absolutely not.

Oktoberfest in New Glarus, WI

…but you better believe it that I am beyond thankful and grateful for the gift of marriage. Marriage can truly be a beautiful thing. We are just two people who love God… doing the best they can each day… to be the best that we can be for each other.

Winter date nights!

Goodbye America…Hello South Korea!

Enjoying the rain at the cliffs in Jeju!

Enjoying the rain at the cliffs in Jeju!

We will keep riding through life together!

I’ll never forget this note from Tom, and I still carry it with me where ever I go. I believe it was from Christmas 2010 (our first holiday spent together) I remember finding it in my backpack after getting back to college…

photo (72)

So today, I am brought back to one year ago when we held hands, and our pastor read the verse we picked for our marriage from Mark 10:9

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Tom, you are an incredible man. Thank you for believing in me. God has blessed me with the most incredible gift of marriage. Here’s to the many many years to come. Together.


About Elicia Shepard

I'm unique just like you. I've learned every person has a story which makes us who we are. One minute I am here..then I am gone. Discovering unknown places and people is an addiction I am proud of and will be an endless journey of mine. Smiling is not a pastime it's what I do. I live for moments that take my breath away. Falling in love is the greatest feeling-and the biggest risk. I thrive off of risks.Challenges. Adrenaline rushes. Making others smile. Art is all around and in ourselves. I love taking an unknown path not knowing where it'll lead. Mystery is beautiful. Compassion, kindness, and love- things I will always strive for. Know what you believe in. Stand up for it. Never be afraid to feel. Time waits for no one.Ever. Children inspire me. God fires me. Happiness is being with those you love.I am really blessed. I think God is love and forgiveness and I think he wants us to be good people and love EVERYONE. Figure out who you are and what that means to you-It's one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself (and you deserve it.) Live frugally on surprise. Breathe. Be who you are. Be an outcast...If you wanna find me I will be where the wind blows...Wherever that may take me.

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  1. Elicia, I can see that your heart is full of love and it comes day by day. Big part of your experience in life very close to me too. And I really enjoyed reading your issue. But it’s little hard to me to understand my husband sometime. But situation is little different from you, so we know each other about 9 years till now. Yup we are classmates. We also have strong love. In my 1 year experience shows me that as I love stronger as my accident situation grows also. Have you ever told him that you want to be divorced? We had this situations for a few times. But its lots of danger and surprises waiting for us in future. Actually Happy first anniversary! Stay always honest as you do know. Wish ya Great achievments in your life! 🙂

  2. Happy 1st Anniversary, to you both, you both look so happy together and doing what you love there in Korea. Your strong faith and love will keep you together for a long time.. May God BlessYou!!!!!

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