Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary- Malaysia

Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary- Malaysia

After the big hike up Mt. Kinabalu we headed East on a big red double decker coach bus. I was exhausted from the hike, and caught some sleep while Tom watched a movie. The bus ride was about 4 hours as we trekked to our next destination Sepilok, Malaysia. Known for the Orangutan Sanctuary. It was late at night when we were dropped off at a small round-a-bout in the middle of no where. We waited for our “tropical retreat” shuttle to come fetch us in the dark after using the bus driver’s cell phone to tell them we were at “mile 14” round-a-bout. I was pumped we were literally in the middle of no where!!! Even in the dark we could see that massive palm trees covered the terrain.

We stayed at Paganakan Dii Tropical Retreat ( I will write about this fabulous place later!) and we were ready to get some rest  pass out from our 9 hour hike, and the 4 hour bus ride East.

In the morning (after our delicious breakfast) our resort had a shuttle to the Orangutan Sanctuary which was started in 1964 as a place to rehabilitate orangutans back to health. It was a short 15 min ride to the place. We bought tickets, and walked out on this long wooden path to a platform in the jungle where two feedings per day take place (one at 10am and one at 3pm.) We decided to stay the whole day to watch both feedings, eat lunch, and walk around. The entire place is about 10,000 acres of protected rainforest for the orangutans to live, and roam freely once they are healthy enough. I read in lonely planet that although 1,000’s of people each year come to view the orangutans there is a chance (since they are essentially wild) that none will show up to the platform to feed. At the 10am feeding there was about 10-12 orangutans that came (and LOTS of little short/long tailed macaque monkeys) The 3:00 feeding turned out to be a bit less “tour group-y” but less orangutans. We did see TWO momma’s with little babes hangin on to them that came to the 3pm feeding so that was really neat!

There was a sign that read “SILENCE PLEASE” …if I had to guess I’d say about 200 people gathered around to wait quietly to view the orangutans. Sure enough as it neared 10am the monkeys, and orangutans begun to peek out of the jungle in our view. Slowly, with the help of ropes/vines they made their way over to the platform to snack on bananas/milk.

It was fascinating. Seriously, fascinating.

I don’t think I blinked for the entire time… while Tom snapped some AWESOME pictures.  The second feeding Tom was able to just sit, and enjoy as I snapped a couple good ones. 😉 I knew this post was going to be a tough one. HOW do I choose my favorite pictures of the orangutans when we took SO many incredible pictures. I am going to post a bunch, because I just can not stop staring at these precious little orange furry fellas.

If you want more information on visiting the sanctuary go here!

Here they come!!!!!!

Here they come!!!!!!

orang one

Macaque Monkey

Macaque Monkey


threebig o



Having a snack!

Having a snack!




Macaque monkey

Macaque monkey




Those EYES!

Those EYES!


Hey little guy

Hey little guy (one of my favorites)


You can see where we observed from in this one :)

You can see where we observed from in this one 🙂

Tom and I walked around and snapped a few more pictures before the next feeding.


fourDSCN2930DSCN2852big butterbutterfly

Ready for 3pm feeding!!!

Ready for 3pm feeding!!!

Just a few more for ya because I HAVE TO…




Momma Love...

Momma Love…


I LOVE this shot.

I LOVE this shot.

momma babeDSCN3087

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  1. Did you look into their eyes? Were you blown away by how human their expressions are? That was probably the biggest thing I took away from this place when I was there. Loved watching the little ones play too. 🙂

    • Yes!!! I whispered to Tom as we watched them “their like humans!!!!” It was incredible to watch them interact, play, and even share the food passing it between each other…and their eyes! Wow. I couldn’t get over their eyes. I was fascinated by them. The little babies reminded me SO much of human babies.

  2. The babies on the Mamas!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! What is it that makes us feel so drawn to these animals? I just want, once in my life, to be in their physical presence, touch and smell them! Loved this post!!

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