The Grass Isn’t Always Greener…


We have all heard the saying “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side”, or maybe you read the story as a child of The Three Bill Goats Gruff where the three billy goats had no food left where they were so they had to cross a bridge and try to outwit the troll who lived underneath. Did you ever wonder if there was food on their side of the bridge? As a kid I didn’t think twice about it.

Now though, as a teacher picking out which books to read to my students…I can’t help but over analyze every detail of a simple children’s story.

I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately, and I can’t help but wonder why do we as humans always want more? Why do we look at others’ lives and decide that we want what they have? I am all about setting goals, pursuing dreams, and reaching for the stars. I love cheesy love movies, quotes, and songs, but I can’t help but wonder why we constantly compare our lives to those around us. As a child, I was taught to appreciate what I had, but why does society seem to encourage the “you can get whatever you want if you work hard enough for it” attitude? What if “whatever you want” isn’t going to make you happy? What if sometimes what you need is exactly what you already have? Now, I am not saying to abandon your goals, dreams, and disregard holding yourself to the highest of standards. I believe we should always be working towards our goals/desires/dreams. I am teaching and living in South Korea with my awesome husband. There is nothing I want to do beyond that dream right now. Yet, sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we lived in Thailand or taught in Italy? I browse tons of amazing travel blogs, and wonder “what if?”

2209_1026440953484_724_n (1)

As humans we avoid pain and we seek pleasure. We are taught to be independent go-getters and to make a name for ourselves. Whoever raised you,I believe,does the best to instill independence and strength, but not arrogance. We are bombarded by media telling us who to be and how to act. We are lured by the fact that life will be better when this happens, when I get this car….and then this house… OR when I travel here/then here/then there. There comes a point when you spread your wings to fly with the chance that you might fail miserably. Why are we so scared of the fall when the best lessons learned are those when we pick ourselves up, and try again?


It’s just five simple words, but why don’t we ever just listen to it?


Sometimes what you need is exactly what you have.

Stop wanting and start watering your grass right where you are.

…and I promise to start doing the same… 



One of my absolute favorite pictures of my husband Tom while we volunteered for a few days in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. (A place that is near and dear to my heart!!!)


About Elicia Shepard

I'm unique just like you. I've learned every person has a story which makes us who we are. One minute I am here..then I am gone. Discovering unknown places and people is an addiction I am proud of and will be an endless journey of mine. Smiling is not a pastime it's what I do. I live for moments that take my breath away. Falling in love is the greatest feeling-and the biggest risk. I thrive off of risks.Challenges. Adrenaline rushes. Making others smile. Art is all around and in ourselves. I love taking an unknown path not knowing where it'll lead. Mystery is beautiful. Compassion, kindness, and love- things I will always strive for. Know what you believe in. Stand up for it. Never be afraid to feel. Time waits for no one.Ever. Children inspire me. God fires me. Happiness is being with those you love.I am really blessed. I think God is love and forgiveness and I think he wants us to be good people and love EVERYONE. Figure out who you are and what that means to you-It's one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself (and you deserve it.) Live frugally on surprise. Breathe. Be who you are. Be an outcast...If you wanna find me I will be where the wind blows...Wherever that may take me.

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