Life in Korea. It’s rad.


I’m not sure when walking past a restaurant with this:

photo 1-3

OR this:

photo 2-4

became normal life to us in Korea.

It’s become our life. Yeosu is a port city. So one thing it’s known for is it’s fresh seafood. Many restaurants have tanks for live fish or other unknown sea creatures that they cook on the spot if you order it.

When did living 3 miles from the beach/ocean become our “normal?”


When did all of the amazing hiking/camping we have done just become a normal weekend activity?

photo 2-6

photo 4photo 5photo 5-1photo 2-5

This is my second time ever that I am breaking my "no selfie rule" but it's a thing in I am rollin with that! Camping in September.

This is my second time ever that I am breaking my “no selfie rule” but it’s a thing in Korea…so I am rollin with that! Camping in September.

Korean hikin' photo bombing!

Korean hikin’ photo bombing. This describes the crazy adventure we are on- so perfectly. If a picture could tell a story 🙂

When did I become so incredibly fascinated with the changing colors of the leaves?

photo 4-1photo 1-5

How was it that God blessed me incredibly with a husband I love more than I ever thought I could love a human?


So, when does something become normal? What is normal?!

Whatever it is. Please, Korea keep being our normal. I can’t get enough of these amazing adventures we are on.

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About Elicia Shepard

I'm unique just like you. I've learned every person has a story which makes us who we are. One minute I am here..then I am gone. Discovering unknown places and people is an addiction I am proud of and will be an endless journey of mine. Smiling is not a pastime it's what I do. I live for moments that take my breath away. Falling in love is the greatest feeling-and the biggest risk. I thrive off of risks.Challenges. Adrenaline rushes. Making others smile. Art is all around and in ourselves. I love taking an unknown path not knowing where it'll lead. Mystery is beautiful. Compassion, kindness, and love- things I will always strive for. Know what you believe in. Stand up for it. Never be afraid to feel. Time waits for no one.Ever. Children inspire me. God fires me. Happiness is being with those you love.I am really blessed. I think God is love and forgiveness and I think he wants us to be good people and love EVERYONE. Figure out who you are and what that means to you-It's one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself (and you deserve it.) Live frugally on surprise. Breathe. Be who you are. Be an outcast...If you wanna find me I will be where the wind blows...Wherever that may take me.

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  1. The colors are beautiful, like here in the Midwest, but the views that you see there are so awesome.
    On the first picture of this post, what are those little round things in the case there. What has been the most unique thing that you have eaten there? Years ago when I was in Hong Kong, I saw some bizarre things that the local people eat. safe travels!!!

  2. Hi Helen!
    Korean fall has proven to be just as gorgeous as fall back in the Midwest!! That is one thing we loved about Wisconsin- fall is so beautiful.

    I am honestly not sure what those little round things are in the tank. We think some sort of creature in the clam/mussel family. They have a hard shell and their body is gooey like mussel. We have heard Hong Kong has some crazy foods. I am not as adventurous as Tom is when it comes to trying crazy foods. He has tried pig intestine. We have both eaten Octopus…although I prefer eating food that I can identify!!!! Sounds like you were quite the world traveler 🙂 I love traveling, and hope we can continue to do it. 🙂

  3. Hi….your “contact” page is missing (404 error), so I’ll just put this in your comments….

    I have a language learning blog, and I have made a couple of Korean alphabet charts. Now I’m giving them away to people who have Korea-related blogs. If you want to post them on your blog, you can just go here and grab them:

    I just ask that, if you don’t mind, you put a link back to my page if you post them.

    Have a nice day!

    SpeakOut! Languages

    • Hey Ryan,

      Thanks for the heads up on the contact page. I think I have it fixed now. It’s working on my computer and cell phone. I will for sure check out the website and poke around a bit.Thanks for the comment!


  4. Hi Elicia
    Yeah, your contact page works from here now too. Great pictures, by the way! I love Korea! I lived there for 5 years, but now I’ve moved on to Thailand. If you guys come down this way, be sure and let me know. 🙂


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