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Bruised Bananas, Battered Onions, and Broken Down Tomatoes.


I have come to realize this past year how little respect teachers get in this country. Teaching isn’t like ANY other career for a variety of reasons…but let me start by telling you teaching isn’t just “fun and games” or trying to decipher which academic content to teach (there are thousands of ideas to navigate through when deciding what to teach and when.) Teaching is understanding children on a personal level and to understand how children grow emotionally, physically, and academically. There is no formula for teaching and each child is unique. Please try to tell me you can run a school like a business. Please try to tell me that when you go to the grocery store or farmers market you look for bruised bananas, battered onions, or the really broken down tomatoes. No one in their right mind looks for all the rotten fruit or vegetables at the grocery store. When someone tells me that teaching is easy because I get summers off I want to laugh in their face. I don’t get to “pick” the students who come into my classroom, I can’t control what or who they go home to, and I can’t erase all the hurt or pain they have grown up with. I am expected to meet standards, target goals, and prepare them for the rest of their life. Oh, and there is 25 of them. They each have their own needs, crave and deserve love, and demand your complete attention every second they can get. Tell me that you can run a school like a business and that teaching.

Each child may learn a concept in a different way and you have to meet each of their needs. Describe, show it, dance it, tell it, act it, whisper it, write it, model it. There is no exact or correct way to teach. Let me tell you though that the best banana bread often comes from those really brown and bruised bananas…That is the beauty of teaching!