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Wolchulsan National Park


I know I keep saying that I love it here, but seriously. I do. Korea feels more like home than ever.

My goal is to keep the blog updated frequently so my posts don’t need to be so long! Just a quick post today to let you know of awesome husband’s blog. His is more focused specifically on hiking in Korea, but it is awesome. You can check it out, bookmark it and follow it here:

Today we did a 5 hour ish hike in Wolchulsan National Park. It was fabulous!! I won’t say much besides that when we ran out of food/water 2 korean men came out from behind a rock, and handed us lots of snacks. I am still in awe of Korean kindness and generosity. Then, just when we wanted to be done with hiking…we stumbled upon this beautiful little temple nestled in the mountains. Tomorrow we head to Orientation for 10 days to meet the 4o other teachers! We found out there are 24 other teachers that will be moving to our city of Yeosu!!!

I love this place that we now call home 🙂

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