Welcome to my blog!

However you happened to stumble upon my little piece of cyberspace I am really glad you are here. My name’s Elicia. My husband Tom, and I moved to South Korea in April 2013. Currently, I teach elementary school students English. Tom is teaching middle school boys. After graduating from college in good ol’ midwest United States with my teaching degree, getting married to my best friend in the Dominican Republic… We sold a LOT of our stuff, bought two plane tickets, and took the plunge across the world. You can read more about our journee to take the plunge, herehere, or HERE! To say we are loving it is quite the understatement.

In this blog I document our life here in Korea. My life as a teacher. Being a wife. Being a Christian. Traveling as much as this big beautiful world as possible.

My hope is that I reach out and connect with you in some way. I believe in people. I believe in loving life. I believe in adventures big and small. I believe that we are one… That God is love…and that life is a journee.


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