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5 things I LOVED about Sado (Sa island)


Since fall is lurking around the corner… this past weekend Tom and I along with our friends Cory and Michelle hit the islands for some island exploration. Since Yeosu is a coastal town it provides TONS of opportunities for us to get out and explore islands by ferry. This past weekend we headed to not one, but TWO islands in the same day. We loved exploring, relaxing, and discovering Sado. Here are my top 5 reasons why I loved Sado!

– Side note. Most of the pictures were taken with Cory and Michelle’s amazing camera!!! Although, a few are from my iphone 😉

1. Dinosaurs. Sado is known for it’s dinosaur fossil tracks- and also the massive dino replicas that are scattered throughout the island.


2. These beautiful stone wall walk ways. The island was pretty vacant besides a few “adjumma’s” also known as korean older woman. There are a few people who live on this itty bitty island, but what the island lacks in size it makes up in beauty! – Which brings me to my next point.

photo (3)

3. The gorgeous beaches (Sado has two) and the clarity of it’s water was stunning.

photo (2)

Storm rolling in. We got lucky and just a few sprinkles for 10 minutes or so. Made for some awesome photos.

water ready

4. Spending time together AND with our friends.




5. Simplicity. Sado had no other tourists on the island except US! We actually only saw a handful of people. It was just the simple island life for us, and only an hour by boat from Yeosu. One of the 14,985,830 reasons I love Jeollanamdo province (the province we live in) more on that later though!


photo (5)

This will be my last post of the week as we only worked a 2 day week!!! It’s Korean Thanksgiving here this week known to Korean’s as Chuseok. We will be off hiking, island exploring, and relaxing with friends. Next week I will share our journey to Hwado (another island we visited this past weekend) AND our 5 day hiking/island trip we are about to embark on.

Enjoy life and create a journey this week.


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Namhae (in a nutshell) Island Kayaking, Camping, Sangju Beach


Namhae is an island that is to the East of where we live in Yeosu. On Saturday, Tom and I took a bus to Suncheon, and then transferred on a bus to Namhae! Total travel time from Yeosu was about 2 hours. First stop a 4 hour kayaking adventure trip. I had heard great things about this man named Julio who runs a kayaking adventure business. We found his number online, and he spoke excellent English! We waited at the bus station once we arrived in Namhae for Julio to pick up our group of 7. We drove about 25 minutes to his shop near the sea, and also right near the famous German Village. Julio told us that in the 1960’s many Korean nurses and miners were invited to work in Germany in exchange for pay. Germany had a high need for more workers while Korea had skilled workers, but not the money to pay for the jobs. After living and working in Germany some Koreans had married Germans, and wanted a place to come back “home” to.  An area of Namhae was created as a place for these Korean/German families to come back to Korea, and live peacefully. According to my husband Tom there are only 3 of those original families still living in Namhae…as they are probably in their mid 80’s by this time. We spent the afternoon kayaking/exploring. We had a delicious German beer in the German village after our adventure, and caught a local bus to Sangju beach. Namhae has about 48,000 residents, but is becoming a popular destination for visitors. They are known for growing spinach, garlic, and rice. There are plenty of “pensions” (cheap hotels) to stay in…or set up a tent, and sleep under the stars. Another thing I love about Korea is you can just about camp anywhere for FREE!

Sangju beach is gorgeous with beautiful sand. The downside to this is that the beach had many people camping there. Tom and I are more about secluded/quiet beaches, but the views at Sangju were stunning, the sand felt like silk, and the water/beach was CLEAN! I highly recommend it. The one downside to Namhae is that the local buses don’t run as frequently as we are used to in Yeosu. (you can almost always catch a bus to anywhere in Yeosu within 15 minutes) Namhae covers a BIG portion of land…there are taxi’s, but from the bus terminal to Sangju beach it is about 20,000 won or 20$ American dollars. Many people rent cars to explore! Although, of course you can do it without one as we did. Just keep an open mind to waiting for a bus, or flagging down a taxi 🙂 We found lots of information about Namhae Island here and information on Julio’s kayaking here (Note: Julio’ place has moved from Dumo village to near the German village)



photo (11)

photo (10)

I am a lucky lady ;)

I am a lucky lady 😉

photo (7)

Taking a break in the German village with some good beer!

Taking a break in the German village with some good beer!

Beautiful views on the bus to Sangju beach

Beautiful views on the bus to Sangju beach

photo (2) - 복사본photo (8)

Headed to the beach!

Headed to the beach!

Sanju Beach

Sanju Beach

photo (12)

photo (13)


Our weekend in a nutshell! 🙂