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This week, This Past Weekend, and in 90 Days.


Wow! It’s been an incredibly busy week over here and it’s only Tuesday. The good news is that we have a 3 day work week this week which means 4 days off to travel Korea. I am super excited to hike/camp this weekend, but I have hardly had a second to think about it as my “to-do” list continues to grow and grow. Do you have weeks or days when you feel like you can hardly keep up? I love being busy, and I love the chaos (I know I am crazy for loving it, right?!) BUT I am really looking forward to 4 days of hiking/camping with my partner n’ crime along with our friend Pat starting tomorrow when we will make the trek a few hours away for some awesome hiking and camping.

This week:

Featured Expat

I’m now officially a “featured blog” on the Expat Blog website (a website with TONS of amazing blogs from expats living abroad!!!) Which I am pretty pumped about. Take a gander over to my new blog listing here and leave me some love in the comment section at the bottom of the page. To my fellow travel lovers out there: take a look at their “country listing section” where you can check out over 1,977 blogs sorted by country of interest. I have said hello to hours of awesome blog reading while planning my dream trips/ must see countries!!! Our “must see” travel list just keeps growing.

This past weekend:

WE explored yet another gorgeous island which you can read all about HERE where my awesome husband documented our entire day trip/ hike. He’s pretty darn cool. I am glad we are married.


In exactly 90 days:

We are going to Mexico. YUP MEXICO! For my dear friend’s destination wedding that I am in. EEP! I am so beyond excited. Tom and I didn’t plan on traveling from South Korea to Mexico since it is quite the hike, but we are so excited to be spending time with them in Mexico AND I am thrilled to stand next to such an amazing friend on her wedding day. We will spend 5 days in Mexico for the wedding with an (extremely) quick pit stop back in Wisconsin, USA to see our family for just 5 short days.

Katie and I in back when we both lived in Fiji in 2009. SO thrilled to be in this gals wedding on her big day in January.

Tom and I both have to be back in Korea to teach English winter camp right after the wedding so it will be a whirlwind of a trip (not to mention the insane jet lag I am sure we will have!!) but we are really blessed to be able to take the opportunity to spend time with our family even if it’s just a quick few days.

Lastly, after the quick 5 days in the USA as well as 5 days in Mexico we will have around 10 days left of vacation to use come end of January/ Early February after we teach winter camps. Right now the top 3 countries in the running to visit in February are as follows in no particular order:


photo from 123rf.com


photo from squidoo.com

photo from squidoo.com



taken from iasaglobal.com

Which one would you choose? All of them are new to Tom and I so maybe we will just roll the dice?!? How do you decide when they all look equally amazing?

Lastly, travelin friends n’ family: Any tips on overcoming jet lag fast? I’ll probably ask this question again as we near the big trip to Mexico/ Wisconsin. We need all of the tips that we can get.

Love to all you from South Korea.


“Capture the Colour” Contest


Yep, it’s contest time folks!

I was so excited when Natalia from the awesome blog Always Trekking nominated my blog to enter into the “Capture the Colour” contest put on by Travel Supermarket. I love traveling, photos, and I am always up for a fun contest.

What you have to do is this:

1. Publish a “Capture the Colour” post on your blog with your favorite travel photos for each color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and White.

2. Spread the word by nominating 5 other blogs to enter in the contest 🙂

3. Let Travel Supermarket know that you have entered in the contest by emailing or tweeting.

4. Keep an eye on this twitter account: TravelSupermarket to see who wins.

Click here for the full details and contest rules.

HERE are my favorite travel photos representin’ red, blue, green, yellow, and white:


RED:Strollin’ the streets of the famous Gaya Street Market in Kota Kinabalu. Do you remember the name of this crazy lookin (and delicious) fruit?


BLUE: Geumodo Island, South Korea. Just a quick hop, skip, and a jump away from our home!


GREEN: Exploring a hidden Haitian village in the Dominican Republic.


YELLOW: Jumping for joy at the most beautiful sunset in all of Korea. Bijindo Island, South Korea.


WHITE: The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia. A stunning sight at night.

My 6 nominations go to (because I couldn’t pick just 5):

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Katie from Daily Cup of Kate

Alyssa from Mad to Live

Lisa from Taking a Big Leap of Faith

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