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Making a difference.


It’s been over 2 months since I last did a post on teaching, but today as I was browsing through my students notebook I stumbled upon this:


“Full of dreams and full of hopes. I wish to convey my love to you”

I thought it was perfectly imperfect. I see TONS of wrongly written (or out of context) English on buildings/signs/shirts and school folders, but for a distinct reason this one hit home. I read it twice and let it sink in before I set the folder back into the hands of my adorable 4th grader who goes by the English name of “Kevin.”

It hit home, because one of the biggest struggles that I face teaching English in Korea is the communication barrier. Especially when it comes to discipline OR when a child is upset/frustrated. I felt like that quote was EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. It’s my students. It’s what they want to say to me… and I can almost hear them saying those words if only they knew how to speak them to me.

I look back on my previous teachers from when I was a kiddo. I can STILL name every single teacher I had starting with kindergarten. I can also still remember times when they made me feel insecure or times they built me up/ supported me.  No matter where you are or what you are doing you are a teacher. Someone is learning from you.

From the 4 weeks I taught of English summer camp this past July/August:


To the students in my after school classes:


The kids at my Friday “country” school:


To even those that I now teach in my online distance learning classes (they live on remote islands):


I can almost hear it…if they could only say it to me:

“I am full of dreams and full of hopes. I wish to convey my love to you.”

…every hug, every positive word, every smile. The most important things that I need to communicate to my students go far beyond what words could even clarify.

Be the difference today for one person.

School’s out for a MONTH!


So first semester of school is over tomorrow!

My students go on break for “vacation” until September 2nd. I have memories as a kid of summer vacation being a week at the lake, lots of time playing outside, ice cream, and camping!

and while it is hot here like summer… Most Korean kids will be attending “Hogwons” or private schools in the summer to study.

Starting next week I will be teaching my summer camp! My summer camp is 2 weeks long from 9 to 12.I have 3 & 4th graders together, and then 5 & 6th graders together. In the afternoon I will “desk warm” which is just time at the desk. I am actually really excited to have time to blog, catch up on TV shows, and read.” I can do whatever I please… just need to be at my desk. My summer camp theme is “Summer Olympic Games/ Around the world.” I am really excited, because I think the kids will love being active. I want to give them a chance to get up and get MOVING! My school wanted me to create an English summer camp that was “fun.” My kids love games so I hope they get really into it. I’m pretty excited myself. Some things I am most excited for: Making piñatas, teaching them the game “steal the bacon”, designing and creating an Olympian, teaching them about other countries, water balloon toss, and MANY MANY relay games!!!

I decided I wanted to incorporate teaching them about other countries as I feel passionate about traveling, and want to expose my students to other cultures other then their own. It’s so fun being able to incorporate pieces of who I am into my teaching here.

I wanted to post a few pictures of my kids who make teaching SO fun.

Sweet girls who always visit me at my desk :)

Sweet girls who always visit me at my desk 🙂

photo (76)

I love his shirt! :)

I love his shirt! 🙂

Love my Friday "country school"

Love spending Friday’s at my “country school”

We are always dancing!!!

We are always dancing!!!

This past Monday we had a ceremony to welcome exchange students from Thailand to our school.

There was singing...

There was singing…



...and Taekwondo!

…and Taekwondo!

My kids make teaching awesome 🙂

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