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5 things I LOVED about Sado (Sa island)


Since fall is lurking around the corner… this past weekend Tom and I along with our friends Cory and Michelle hit the islands for some island exploration. Since Yeosu is a coastal town it provides TONS of opportunities for us to get out and explore islands by ferry. This past weekend we headed to not one, but TWO islands in the same day. We loved exploring, relaxing, and discovering Sado. Here are my top 5 reasons why I loved Sado!

– Side note. Most of the pictures were taken with Cory and Michelle’s amazing camera!!! Although, a few are from my iphone 😉

1. Dinosaurs. Sado is known for it’s dinosaur fossil tracks- and also the massive dino replicas that are scattered throughout the island.


2. These beautiful stone wall walk ways. The island was pretty vacant besides a few “adjumma’s” also known as korean older woman. There are a few people who live on this itty bitty island, but what the island lacks in size it makes up in beauty! – Which brings me to my next point.

photo (3)

3. The gorgeous beaches (Sado has two) and the clarity of it’s water was stunning.

photo (2)

Storm rolling in. We got lucky and just a few sprinkles for 10 minutes or so. Made for some awesome photos.

water ready

4. Spending time together AND with our friends.




5. Simplicity. Sado had no other tourists on the island except US! We actually only saw a handful of people. It was just the simple island life for us, and only an hour by boat from Yeosu. One of the 14,985,830 reasons I love Jeollanamdo province (the province we live in) more on that later though!


photo (5)

This will be my last post of the week as we only worked a 2 day week!!! It’s Korean Thanksgiving here this week known to Korean’s as Chuseok. We will be off hiking, island exploring, and relaxing with friends. Next week I will share our journey to Hwado (another island we visited this past weekend) AND our 5 day hiking/island trip we are about to embark on.

Enjoy life and create a journey this week.


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Geumodo Island Exploration


This past weekend we headed to Geumodo Island just off of our city- Yeosu. Tom documented this island day trip here, but I couldn’t resist posting my favorite pictures of our day! I know I keep saying this, but I feel incredibly blessed to live in such an amazing city on the ocean that we can do these day trips to islands nearby. We hiked around 10 miles of this beautiful island on the west coast with our new friends from South Africa Brennan and Victoria.

Eat your heart out island lovers!

Arriving in Geumodo Island.

Arriving in Geumodo Island.

beauty collage

New friends from South Africa Brennan and Victoria.

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Suncheon Retreat Weekend


The weekend of July 13th Tom and I were invited by our good friends Cory and Michelle to go on a church retreat weekend in Suncheon. We had no idea what to expect, but it was a fabulous weekend! Suncheon is a city about 45 minutes by bus from Yeosu.

We pulled up to this awesome place surrounded by LOTS of nature and the mountains! There was even an outdoor pool which is pretty rare in Korea… the first we have seen since we have moved here in April. We spent time outside in the pool relaxing, and cooling off from the heat!

photo (63)

Outdoor pool!

Outdoor pool!

Followed by a delicious dinner of fresh chicken (and I mean fresh)

From pen to table. Literally!

From pen to table. Literally!

Cute tables on the little creek!

Cute tables on the little creek!

Dinner outside near the creek.

Dinner outside near the creek.



…and a great message from a member of their church on trusting God’s plan for us. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

The morning was followed by Cory’s message on worrying. Focusing on Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

It was a wonderful weekend, and great reminder for me to refocus on God. Being in Korea has been a huge blessing for both Tom and I! We have an English speaking church service in Yeosu that we have attended twice, but have been traveling every weekend so it was really great to spend a weekend where we were reminded of God’s love for us, and being able to connect with other christians.

photo (61)


My birthday in Korea!


This past weekend I turned 24.

It was SUCH an amazing weekend. One thing that I am beyond thankful for is our amazing friends we have met in Korea. They have really become like our family, and I am extremely thankful for their company, and each of the friendships we share with them. We spend a lot of time with these people, and are able to relate to each other on living away from our families, teaching in korea, our relationships/marriage, being christians, and just LIFE!

We ventured to Ungcheon beach about 15 min away from our apartment in Yeosu… have I mentioned how much I love living by the beach/ocean surrounded by mountains?! After a quick dance party in the beach parking lot we headed to the Ocean Resort water park in Yeosu which is just another 10 min or so from the beach. The water park had stunning views overlooking the beautiful ocean. Finished up the night with an AMAZING all you can eat buffet dinner at Marina buffet with western, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese food.

Ungcheon Beach

Ungcheon Beach

photo (58)

photo (54)


Photo credit to LO

Parking lot dance party

Parking lot dance party- photo credit to Lauren

photo (52)

photo (51)

photo (56)

view from the water park looking out

view from the water park looking out


photo (50)

Laughter, games, food, amazing friends, AWESOME husband. I could not be more blessed.

24 is going to be a great year!

Livin’ the dream…

Livin’ the dream…

June 1st and 2nd are best described as what I would like to call a true adventure. Our friends Pat and Alyssa came to visit us in Yeosu. We had planned a weekend island hopping, and camping! I’d like to say though, that the best adventures are the most unplanned ones.

With the ferry times to some of the more popular islands around Yeosu not working out with our schedules…we thought we would try our luck with a ferry to a small island only 5 min away from the mainland. First going to the wrong ferry terminal used for day cruises we were instructed on the new ferry terminal we needed to get to. So on we went in a taxi! Onto the ferry and across the water just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the mainland.

Upon arrival we randomly got on what looked like a shuttle bus to a hotel. We were taken to a resort and told to camp in what I will call the backyard of the resort! Pat, Tom, Alyssa, and I were determined to find a beach, and camp on the ocean. Upon hearing there were no beaches on this island…back to the little slab of cement the ferry docks on to take it back to the mainland…typically I would call it a port, but slab of cement was exactly what it was. From the mainland we decided to go to a beach on Dolsan. Dolsan is an island that is connected by bridge to the mainland of Yeosu. Back in a taxi we went again this time with a plan, and a location in mind.

Arrive at beach #1 on Dolsan. It has a lovely marine life aquarium. ANDDDDDD a beautiful beach of…wait for it…. rocks! Not ideal for camping with tents. We begin searching for a beach with SAND. Began talking with the manager of the marine life aquarium, and long story short he had his co worker drive us about 20 minutes down, up, and around Dolsan to our final destination. Bangjukpo beach. Hotel California blared on the speakers while we all sang along as we zig zagged through the gorgeous countryside of Dolsan to the beach. I remember smiling so big that it hurt. Looking at Tom thinking “man, life is so good here…we are living the dream” and I know he thought just the same thing.

Watching baby goats frolic in the grass, collecting massive amounts of beautiful sea glass, a campfire, wonderful korean families with so much love to give, fireworks, relaxing on the beach, and simply enjoying the wonderful company of our friends…have all brought me extreme joy this past weekend.

We made it!!!

We made it!!!

My hubby!!

My hubby!!



baby goats

baby goats




Love the sunset...

Love the sunset…



063 090


Saturday's journey in red to Bangjukpo beach...Jangdeung beach journey in blue (Sunday)

Saturday’s journey in red to Bangjukpo beach…Jangdeung beach journey in blue (Sunday)

On Sunday Tom figured out how to take the city buses to the most beautiful little beach called Jangdeung beach. It was secluded, clean, and the mountains littered the backdrop. Our phones had both died so we have no pictures this time! That just means we need to visit again soon. It was about an hour trip… and I can’t believe the buses go out there. No town really. Just the fresh country air, sun, and the sand.

My heart continues to do leaps n’ bounds of joy. As every single day is a new adventure waiting to be discovered. We are just here in this little corner of the beautiful world…Livin’ the dream.

On the coast of somewhere beautiful…

On the coast of somewhere beautiful…

Soakin up the sun, sunlight dancin’ on the water, and I wish I was there 🙂

I am thankful for the company of wonderful friends (some old and some new) who make Korea seem even more like our home. I am thankful for great conversation, and dancing under the stars. I am thankful for the sun, sand, the Yellow Sea, and a little island called Oedaldo. I am thankful for a lovely fire after dark…complete with fireworks on the beach.  I am thankful for our health. I am thankful for friends who love to laugh, explore, and push themselves out of their comfort zone. Today, on Mother’s Day in America I am thankful to the moms everywhere who love their kids unconditionally, and have pushed them out of the nest to spread their wings and fly-even when that’s the hardest thing to do. I am thankful especially to my own mom for bringing me into this world, and for encouraging me to always be independent and strong. I am thankful for my mother-in-law who brought her son (my husband into this world) and for raising him to be the man he has become today.

My heart is full…and I am incredibly thankful for this amazing, and precious life I have been given.  Last night, as we fell asleep under the stars I couldn’t help, but send up a quick prayer to God thanking him for blessing me in so many incredible ways.


Oedaldo Island

Oedaldo Island

tents on the water :)

tents on the water 🙂



093 087

girls oedaldo oedaldo DSCN2225





I can’t believe it has already been a week since we left the states. Our journey to the south has continued to amaze, awe, and inspire both Tom and I.  I will start back at Wednesday April 10th when Tom and I took the bus from Seoul, South Korea to the small city of Jangheung…where our friend Amy has been living for 8 months. This is a long post, but it’s been 5 days of stories!!!!

Our Journey so far (in red):map sk

Gwanju is underlined in blue- where we head next for orientation, and Yeosu our home where we will be living!

Wednesday 10th– This day was much of a travel day. We were bummed we didn’t get to explore Seoul more, but feel confident we will make it back soon to explore. The buses here are similar to a coach buses back home. We made it to Amy’s city in 5 hours. By the time we arrived it was 8pm and we decided to grab some grub at a pork “bbq” with Amy’s friends Jetta’ and John. It was a restaurant that you have a small grill type thing in the middle of the table and you cook all the meat on it. All meals here are served family style…you all share soup and many small side dishes like kimchi and a whole lot of other things that I really don’t know what they are (seafood, veggies, etc). Each restaurant is a little different and the other night we ate hard boiled quail eggs as a small side dish. Similar to our eggs just a LOT smaller. I’ve noticed there is always a few sauces for dipping meat- which are usually really amazing!!! We went for ice cream (gelato) and coffee after dinner, and then called it a night.

Thursday April 11th:

Amy headed to school and Tom and I had a relaxing morning at Amy’s place. Walked down by river in her city called- Tamjin River. I found this from the official site of Korea about the city of Jangheug: “Often called the Home of Korean Flavors, because of its many creative, rich-tasting local dishes. Jangheung is famous for grass-fed juicy beef, raised on pasture. Also, not to be missed is namdo jeongsik – or a full-course meal accompanying steamed rice, kimchi and an overwhelming number of side dishes – made with Jangheung’s local produce.”  —which explains why we went for 2 “bbq” style meals where you “grill” your own food if you will and all of the side dishes! Which is very typical in Korea. 🙂 Pictures as we explore Jangheung:








So, we met Amy for lunch…then in the afternoon relaxed, played basketball when Amy was done with school, walked up a little hill to see her city, and finished the day with an amazing meal similar to Wednesday night except with the famous Jangheung beef instead of pork. (Really, amazing food) Walked into what looked similar to a butcher shop back home- pick out your meat you want and then go upstairs to “grill” it on your table!!!Some side dishes include yellow picked radish, and a leaf looking thing that I learned you.

1. Get meat off grill with chopsticks once it is done. 2. Dip in sauces 3. Grab a few side dishes. 4. Set of all of this on the leaf thing. 5. Roll up with your hands like a little mini burrito. 6. EAT!

din din thursday

Friday April 12th-

Went to Amy’s school in the morning (she teaches at a school in the country on Friday’s) We loved getting a taste of what life will be like teaching for Tom as Amy has middle school students!!Don’t ask me how this turned into an arm wrestling game…Oh, Korea.


007 - Copy


Friday afternoon Tom and I did an AWESOME hike near Amy’s city. We are finding that if you just start walking to the mountains you will usually find a path up! The hike was short and I don’t know the name of it, but we had a great time and I think it took like 2 or 3 hours total and was 518m  🙂

Just your typical  random workout equipment as we started the hike:






For dinner Amy, Tom, and I headed to a place for traditional Bibimbap and we got to sit on the floor 🙂 I loved it. Tom has some difficulties with the floor as his legs are SO big hehe. Food was good, and we all of us were exhausted!

Saturday April 13th-  Went to the local market in Jangheung. Similar to a farmers market back home. Complete with dancers/performers in the middle of the market. Oh, Korea!033




Next, we went to visit a Buddhist temple near Amy’s city. It is the biggest Budda statue in South Korea standing 36 meters high and costing 10 billion won to make. It was about 10 min from Jangheung, and was pretty neat to see.





Then, Tom and I hopped on a bus to Mokpo- to see our friends Alyssa and Pat. We met Alyssa in Wisconsin as well. There are so many Midwestern connections…even so far away from the states. Mokpo was amazing. To summarize: Mokpo is a city on the ocean surrounded by mountains (like the rest of Korea) that will be very similar to our new home of Yeosu. Watched a laser light show with music on the ocean…and we had a bbq style dinner! The highlight of this dinner was the amazing seafood! After dinner we went for a drink at a cool little bar, and on the way home stopped at a small arcade complete with batting cages and ping pong cages. I have started to realize that Korea is full of surprises 🙂






oops, Jessie, Pat, Paul, Jen, Alyssa.

Sunday April 14th-

Walked along the ocean with Alyssa and Pat…climbed a little hill filled with beautiful cherry blossoms, had an amazing dumpling/soup lunch (sitting on the floor!)







Feeling so blessed. Feeling so happy.

Joy.(즐거움 )