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Confessions from a skinny girl.{Tell all Thursday}


If you have just started following along then perhaps you may have missed that over the past month I have been ranting  talking about simplicity, confessions, surprises, greener grass, making differences, and being content. I’ve decided that I would like to delegate Thursdays as a day where I talk about my life, love, things I am passionate about, and what makes me tick. Since it’s already Thursday in Korea I’d like to present you with my very first official “Tell All Thursday.”

Almost every woman that I have ever met has thought negatively about their body in some way. I mean, it’s extremely hard not to, right? We are bombarded by a society of consumers telling us to buy the latest lotion, lip gloss, skin care, purse, shoes, or clothing item. The list goes on and on. Media tells us the more we purchase the better we will feel about ourselves. It’s not just women either. Men out there. This is for you too.

The pictures we see in magazines, movies, and commercials. They tell us we “need” it. We “must” have it. They try to create a sense of urgency and desperation so we purchase (and continue) to purchase their products. The pressure women face can often be self-inflicted, but society surely isn’t making it any easier.

While being in Korea I have come to the realization that just because they are #1 in medical tourism doesn’t mean that America is any different when it comes to beauty image. It’s kills me that middle school girls think that eye lid surgery is making them more beautiful. It’s happening all over and not just Korea. I am a petite woman. If you’ve met me you know I stand 5’2 on a good day. I have genetics that have allowed me to eat what I want, when I want, and how much I want of it. I have been 105 pounds for as long as I can remember ( I actually don’t own a scale so that could be different now!) Before you start raging and shaking your fist at the screen first, listen. In America I have literally been asked questions like “Are you anorexic?” – Well, um no. I am not, but you’re freaking rude. Does that count for something? I’ve been told my entire life “You’re so tiny. You’re so small. You’re so skinny” YES, I am. Do you think I don’t know that? I am a small person.  I get that. Does it make you feel better to say it out loud? I wouldn’t tell a bigger person “Wow, you’re really big.” I just wouldn’t. It’s rude.

My point is this: No matter where you are, if you’re a human I would guess at some point you’ve compared, felt bad, or tried to perfect your body. Sometimes we do it unintentionally. We see a picture and we compare ourselves to what we looked at. ” I like her hair. I want her hair. I wish I was taller.” – I’ve been there. We all have. It’s time we stop giving compliments based on appearance and start giving compliments based on a person’s morals, values, and what makes them who they are. Before I go off on a rant again I would want you to know this:

You are beautifully and wonderfully made. You are perfect. People can make it so hard. Don’t give up on yourself and most importantly don’t give up on your confidence. You are worth it. Life is worth it. You are a gem. A gem that is unique. One that can not be replaced.


Same, but different.

Same, but different.

The last few days it has become quite clear to me that many things here in South Korea do indeed remind me of where Tom and I come from originally (The Midwest United States.) Let me give you some examples and perhaps maybe you can understand exactly what I mean.

The past few days we have been filling our heads with information in orientation. From Gender roles here in Korea, Traditional Korean music, to learning a new language, and the Korean Wave (Kdramas, Kpop, and Korean Film) and although some of it is utterly and entirely mind boggling a lot of it is really the same, but different. My head is full of knowledge, and I am finding most everything I have learned quite fascinating. It is a lot to take in, and I guess I am most surprised by how much media/ korean pop music- Kpop influences daily life, and actually is tied into the demand to learn English… and really why Tom and I are here today… living in Korea to teach English.

I had NO idea that kpop is an entire and a rather large industry not only in Korea, but internationally. If you want to learn more I recommend this link (it is a bit long, but explains all about the ins and outs of Kpop): http://www.inaglobal.fr/en/music/article/k-pop-story-well-oiled-industry-standardized-catchy-tunes

And also, had no idea about the Medical Tourism industry here in Korea and how the Korean Wave has largely impacted that as well.

We are all the same, but different.

Something that has reminded me of the U.S specifically (when Tom and I took a trip to Colorado) is the hiking. It’s a really great thing we love hiking, because it is everywhere. Lucky for us! Today while hiking I was thinking to myself how much Korea reminds me of hiking in Colorado…and how the woodsy feeling reminds me of camping back in Wisconsin… (For more on our hiking click here where my husband has logged ALL of our hiking expeditions.


Then…at the top we stumbled upon this:


and then I think. Nope, we really are living in Korea…and I love it. I mean seriously? How can you not love hula hooping on top of a little mountain you just climbed. Korea, is much the same…but different.

Yesterday, we attended our very first professional Korean baseball game. No lie. These people don’t mess around. The only thing I could even compare this to is a Green Bay Packer game. The Korean baseball fans are DIE hard fans. Looks normal…



…Until you watch the video!I loved every second of it. Check out the video I uploaded by clicking on the link below!! (Would have taken a longer video if the batteries hadn’t died)… but this gives you a little taste of what the fans are like:


Tomorrow, we visit a temple for the day! I’m excited to relax, enjoy the lovely sunshine, and drink the famous lotus tea.

Here, in Korea… everything is the same, but different.

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and we are still smiling as we get closer to seeing our new apartment, city, coworkers, and kids who will become a huge part of our lives for the next year 🙂

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