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My birthday in Korea!


This past weekend I turned 24.

It was SUCH an amazing weekend. One thing that I am beyond thankful for is our amazing friends we have met in Korea. They have really become like our family, and I am extremely thankful for their company, and each of the friendships we share with them. We spend a lot of time with these people, and are able to relate to each other on living away from our families, teaching in korea, our relationships/marriage, being christians, and just LIFE!

We ventured to Ungcheon beach about 15 min away from our apartment in Yeosu… have I mentioned how much I love living by the beach/ocean surrounded by mountains?! After a quick dance party in the beach parking lot we headed to the Ocean Resort water park in Yeosu which is just another 10 min or so from the beach. The water park had stunning views overlooking the beautiful ocean. Finished up the night with an AMAZING all you can eat buffet dinner at Marina buffet with western, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese food.

Ungcheon Beach

Ungcheon Beach

photo (58)

photo (54)


Photo credit to LO

Parking lot dance party

Parking lot dance party- photo credit to Lauren

photo (52)

photo (51)

photo (56)

view from the water park looking out

view from the water park looking out


photo (50)

Laughter, games, food, amazing friends, AWESOME husband. I could not be more blessed.

24 is going to be a great year!